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Corporate Responsibility

Just90.tv is a company which can substantially reduce the environmental impact of our customers because they travel less and print less.  

Our services can help people in the workplace by giving them the confidence and skills to enjoy success and their working lives.  Alongside, we seek to complement these important benefits by the way in which we run our business where we abide by the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.  In particular we focus on:

Human Rights

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and do so by: 

Encouraging participation in our company regardless of age, sex, religion and race, providing safe and healthy working conditions, supporting union membership, encouraging education and development, supporting people in times of need, encouraging people to express their views and opinions, by challenging the norms of delivery of our type of services so they are available to more people and we seek to ensure that our principles are adhered to by our partners and suppliers 


We want people to want to work here and to develop.  We ensure that all our staff are free to join and participate in a trade union of their choice without fear of intimidation, discrimination or reprisal and benefit from support and guidance in employment, development and training, pay negotiation, redundancy, health and safety, grievance, dispute and dismissal

We don’t allow child labour by ourselves or partners or suppliers.  We ensure that qualifications, skill and experience are the basis for the recruitment, placement, training and advancement of all staff.

Responsibility for equal employment issues rests with Richard Wyatt-Haines as Managing Director, and we keep up-to-date records on recruitment, training and promotion that provide a transparent view of opportunities for employees and their progression within Just90.tv.  

We promote access to skills development training, have grievance procedures to address complaints and appeals, and we provide recourse for employees and seek to make the workplace accessible, safe and fair for all


Our core services and technology reduce the impact of our customers on the environment; they reduce traveling and the use of paper.  And our services can be used to reduce the environmental impact of our customers’ customers by providing guidance on how users can improve their environmental performance.  

We are proud of our impact in these areas and that we can deliver sustainable improvement as a part of our core purpose.  We also seek to adopt sustainable practices in the way in which we run our own business and those with whom we work which makes us all responsible and accountable for the environmental impact of Just90.tv and our supply chain


We act within the law and conduct our business in an honest and trustworthy manner.

We do not offer or accept gifts, excessive hospitality or other inducements which encourage or reward a decision, or engage in any form of bribery

Just90 Limited
Corporate Responsibility Statement
Registered Number 7595024 

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