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Action Aid

HR supporting the business through video

The challenge 

The HR team at Action Aid needed people across the business to adopt some key procedures to ensure people got paid the right amount at the right time.  Previous attmpts using email and briefings had failed to do the job.

The solution

A series of Just90 videos were produced to get the message across both quickly and effectively.

The feedback

Using Just90 allowed us to do this in a bite size way. We’ve had some positive feedback about the videos, but in truth, the bigger success is that we haven’t had a lot of feedback, which we would if there was something wrong! These Just90 videos are definitely hitting the spot and have seamlessly integrated into ‘business as usual’ working.
Using Just90 was great. They were very quick, easy to engage with and importantly really understood what we wanted to achieve as an organisation. We would definitely use them again – in fact we’re in the process of planning at the moment and looking at how we can integrate video moving forward!
Judith Davey, Director of Performance and Accountability

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