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Wellington College

Increasing student and parent engagement and understanding

The challenge

Wellington College is one of the country’s leading coeducational schools.  It has 20 boarding houses and each year, new students and their parents have to choose the most suitable house to join.  Traditionally, this has been achieved through brochures, leaflets and meeting house teachers. Getting to meet all the staff is difficult and getting a clear picture of each house is not well served by these traditional media. How could house leaders bring their stories to life to help parents and students make an informed choice?

The solution

Each house teacher filmed their own Just90 explaining the ethos of their house, who it was most suitable for and their aspirations and goals for the students that would join them. These personal stories brought alive and made tangible the personalities of the teachers, but also the community of the house.

This allows both students and parents to narrow their choice and then investigate those houses that were likely to bring the greatest benefits throughout the time at Wellington College.

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