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Adjective: Brief, not long, small amount of time.

Synonyms: Concise, condensed, pithy. see more


Adjective: Providing useful or interesting information.

Synonyms: Instructive, explanatory, factual. see more


Adjective: Affordable, low priced, inexpensive.

Synonyms: Good value, no-frills, worth it.


Adjective: Moving fast, done in a short time.

Adverb: At a fast rate, quickly, at pace. see more


Adjective: Not hard, presenting few difficulties.

Adverb: Without difficulty or effort. see more

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Add extra images to your video for free.  Just email us by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get things moving; we're ready and waiting.

Who is using Just90

What Just90s Are Used For

Internal communications

Use Just90s to brief your teams on goals & objectives, performance updates, successes, market trends & research, change programmes, product launches, initiatives & programmes. see more


Help your teams achieve more by providing bite-sized training & support. Use Just90s for induction & common processes, reinforce key skills & knowledge, enable them to learn any time & anywhere. see more

Instructions & Guides

Just90s replace & reinforce instruction leaflets, process guides & manuals. They answer FAQs & support troubleshooting. Short videos communicate more effectively for your customers & staff.  see more

Content Marketing

If you have knowledge; use it & share it. Just90s enable you to evidence your capability, inform your customers & the market, build brand credibility. Add video to blogs, websites & newsletters.  see more

Customer Experience

Just90s enhance the sales & service journey, improve customer satisfaction & retention, and support & guide your customers so that they are more engaged, supported and buy more. see more

Conferences & Events

Just90 speaker summaries give your delegates a bite-sized take home message to share with colleagues.  Event organisers get material to use for marketing and to fill the next event. see more

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If you want your customers to know more, or your team to achieve more, Just90 is the simple, quick and low cost solution for you. see more

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